1) What is Zeocode?

Zeocode is a phone number linked to a map location and postal address. You can use Zeocode to share your address instead of dictating/typing your address and giving directions.

2) Why should I use Zeocode?

Zeocode is a better way of sharing address. You can use Zeocode instead of

3) Where can I use my Zeocode?

Zeocode is your digital door number. You can use Zeocode in multiple ways including the 

4) How can I signup?

You can sign up using your mobile number.

5) Can I create Zeocode without a phone number?

Yes. You can create a Personal Zeocode that is not a phone number.


6) What is a Personal Zeocode?

Personal Zeocode is a 12 digit number which starts with 1400-xxxxxxxx. You can choose the remaining 8 digits to create a 12 digit Personal Zeocode.


7) How to share my Zeocode?

You can quickly share a zeocode from your list by just swiping right. It opens the message compose box with your address typed in along with URL of your map location. Swipe left to share via facebook, twitter, whatsapp & email.


8) How to get directions to a Zeocode?


9) Do others need Zeocode app to view a Zeocode?

Not needed. The URL you share will open in browser and the receiver can also get directions using Google Maps.

10) How can I search a place in Zeocode?

Type the Zeocode of a place in the search bar in the home screen to view the address & map location. Don't forget to include country code if the Zeocode is a phone number.

11) What is the difference between 'Home' & 'Business' Zeocode'?

'Home' type Zeocodes do not display the nickname to others and 'Business' type Zeocodes display the business name to others.

12) Can others edit your 'Business' Zeocode?

Yes. Check 'Allow others to edit' check box while creating the Zeocode. It's placed below 'Create Zeocode' button.

13) Can I change the location of a Zeocode?

Yes. You can find 'edit' under 'More' on every Zeocode you created. You can edit both the location and address.

14) How many Zeocodes can I create?


15) Is Zeocode secure?

Yes. We take privacy very seriously. That's the reason we don't ask your name, gender, or any other personal information while you sign up. And, we maintain a detailed log of the source of the users who view your Zeocodes.

16) How can I delete my account?

Delete the Zeocodes you created and uninstall the app from your phone which is equivalent to deleting your account.