Share your address with your phone number

The better way to find and share addresses

  • Hi there
  • Hey Sean. How're you?
  • I'm good. We are barbecuing this weekend. And I need a chef. You're invited.
  • I am in wink
  • Okay, what's your address? I swear I won't ask you to repeat it ever again.
  • Now, there is an app for that wink
  • My address
    800, Foster City Boulevard,
    Foster City California, United States. 94404
  • Wow. Is n't it your cellphone number?
  • Yeah, it is. My phone number is my Zeocode (address)
  • This is great! Easy peasy. I am downloading the app right now.
  • You definitely should. I often invite my friends to my house and so this app is a life saver for me
  • You bet. See you this weekend
  • after few days . . .
  • hey! I just started. See you in 30 minutes.
  • knock !!!
    knock !!!

Help your friends, taxi driver, delivery guy, courier guy, pizza guy to find your address easily!

Having Zeocode on your mobile makes address sharing a breeze

  • Pin your address on the map

    Use your phone number to pin your address on the map

  • Just swipe to share your address

    No need to dictate or type your address

  • Get directions instantly

    Your friends can reach you without asking directions.

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Sharing your address just with your mobile number, that’s amazing John Carson, FITMEDIA